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Our project is a process based collaboration between a choreographer, dancer and a visual artist. It develops during the whole process in a dialog using photos of objects, videos of movements and drawings as our materiality. The exchanges  consist of answering and sending material to each other. By combining the responses and thinking process from the exchanges a verse is composed. Each verse or component creates new needs and new directions are made evident. We rethink, remake and restructure. The project is constantly taking shape, verses are building up and changing with influence from each new component. 


By exploring different ways of working together in our online collaboration, we find new choreography and material that springs out of exchanges in our online dialog. The project takes simultaneous pathways in variable medium and directions.  We observe the potentiality of including online audience interaction and in that way making the invisible audience visible.

After 13 exchanges we´ll have all 13 verses and the project will take it´s final shape in the exhibition 1.-18. December.

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