13 Memories: Search for the Self


Memories is a journey that is both ephemeral and permanent. We identity ourselves through our memories, especially memories from our childhood and early lives. The year of the pandemic has brought up the question of the search for oneself. Through this search I wish to gather 13 short memories. Each memory should be deeply associated with how the participants define themselves, that’s is, it is part of the fabric of who they are and how they see themselves. The memories will be collected as an audio recording of the memories from each participant to be shared with me. I will then use each memory story to create a map that connects them all and choreograph a work based on their story voices, as one body responding to their memories that shows the shifting of Time, Space and Body impacted by their individual search for the self. 

I hope to gather the 13 memory stories by May 2021. Between June and September 2021, I plan to map, edit and create an audio environment to which I will respond as a moving body. This will lead to a choreographed piece that will be filmed.