A Zephyr for Asclepius, wind chime shared practice 

A Zephyr for Asclepius, wind chime shared practice from Pioneer Winter

Asclepius, Apollo’s son, manifested a queer duality - he carried in his veins both the ability to poison and to resurrect. Hades felt threatened by Asclepius’

ability, and asked Zeus to kill him. The lightning god obliged with a fatal bolt to the healer’s head. Zeus later placed Asclepius’ image in the sky to ‘honor’

him. Asclepius became the 13th constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. Ophiuchus is a monument to invisible injustice. Those who were silenced in

life are now honored in their absence. I’ve heard the wind chime outside my window every day since March 2020. Without being outside, I hear its sound -

invisibly moved by air. I can sense stillness from silence, and I’m left expectant of sound. There is visible wear from friction, cracked paint around the edge

of the ‘clapper’ that ripple around like sound waves. A pattern of duration whose pathway is random and ephemerally tied to the wind.