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Project Cuerpo Anfibibio

'Cuerpo Anfibibio' is a deconstruction process of terrestrial and formal symmetries of the body-dance, which comes from the metaphor of vegetable life, configured based on two means: the root, archaic, invisible, descending, growing downward and stumbling upon other rhizomes through an epistolary writing that doesn't let itself be written; and the other, air, visible but scared of the historic ways in which this visibility has exposed an idea of the body. This form doesn't grow much right  now, it is in pause, listening to other possible ways to be present and to make its movement appear. The process configures itself through three tools of action: a chameleonic and continuous epistolary writing between the two artists, 13 punctual actions, rituals and intimate registers on multiple formats (photography, drawing, audiovisual, audio) and a digital platform of collaboration to configure with others in a jungle of amphibian bodies. One question goes through us: How to ex-pose the body today?

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