Anthropophobia (working title)

13 phobias of the Pandemic.

During the confinement as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, I made a series of what I call ChoreoVideos or videos from the perspective of the choreographer, filmed and danced by myself, to explore the sensations of this extraordinary situation, and as the only way to continue creating and presenting dance in a confined environment. With this work, I am going to add to these videos the presence of a live dancer. A live, raw and vulnerable body dances with a digitally canned one. The virtual body, free of contagion, is the best partner to explore the 13 phobias of the pandemic; Anthropophobia, Aerophobia, Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Necrophobia, Pnigophobia, Misophobia, Iatrophobia, Eleutherophobia, Ergophobia, Eremophobia, Trypanophobia and Philophobia. I want to premier this work in March 2021 in Santo Domingo, with the support of Casa de Teatro and private sponsors.