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Practice as research through numbers, space, and identity

Collective Identity 

This project is a collaborative project of international collaborators and local dancers and artists in Thailand, exploring the relationship between numbers, space, and identity. This project is evolving in two strands. For international collaborators, due to the pandemic, the collaboration is shaped as a chain letter, collecting one-minute dance videos, objects, and letters from each participating artist across 13 locations in the travelogue. The second strand takes place in Bangkok, where local artists explore the identity of Bangkok city through the relationship between number 13, space and identity. The materials collected from local process and international collaborators will be developed to a choreographic work, dance film/online exhibition. The choreography will be presented at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in September 2021 as well as linked to the closing event in Athens in November 2021.

Supported by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

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