Naporn Wattanakasaem


Pattarawadee Tinanun


Paengpim Somjai

Nichapat Thawanwanichkul

Karnjanakorn Sapianchai

Sathathorn Proramattamasakol


Wuttipong Mongkolpan 

Khoppha Chanpensri


Yothsaran Rermraksakul


ร่วม-อัตตา-รักษ์: RUAM- ATTA-RAK (Collective Identity) is the collaborative project evolving from the “international process. This project focuses on the relationship between number “13”, space, and identity to explore the identity of “Bangkok City.” This is inspired by the various background and hometown of all local dancers who have come to work and gotten to know each other through the dance at the same dance company in Bangkok.


Bangkok is a highly multicultural capital city where both Thai and foreigners with ethnic, religious, cultural, and indigenous differences live together. This coexistence creates a unique blend of Bangkok city, unlike anywhere else.


The collective identity of Bangkok city will be presented via 13 locations/stories/events/people, located on the route of the BUS No. 13 through the various perspectives of Thai and foreign artists. We also take on the diversity of Bangkok’s identity as the inspiration for the creation of a choreographic work based on the collective identity of all international and local collaborators to simulate that concept of intercultural integration and coexistence, but still keep the individual identity of each artist, like the identity of Bangkok city. 


Besides the Bangkok City Ballet dancers, this project will collaborate with Thai installation artist/lighting designer, Khoppha Chanpensri and a graphic designer, Yothsaran Rermraksakul. The exposition will be presented  November 2021, supported by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Bangkok City Ballet company. 

The collaborating artists explored the following questions:

How can we connect to others? 

How can others connect to Bangkok city?

We are wondering what other artists think about Bangkok through Bangkokians’ eyes… 

What is Bangkok city?

What do you think/know about Bangkok city?

How do you see Bangkok city thru Bangkok artist’s perspective?


If you were here, what do you do/think/say/dance about it?

The dance artists in Bangkok collected the materials (including photos, voice/sound record, and VDO) relating to places, stories, events, and people located on the route of bus No.13 and sent them to the international artists to develop/create the work (movements, voice record, writing, VDO, etc.) to respond to the materials from Bangkok artists on their perspectives.