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A forty seven year old body


A forty seven year old white male body


The obsolete


The body of the exiled


The offspring of political prisoners


The Eastern European: the East and the West




The exploration of language as mother tongue


The exploration of language "on the way to truth"


Language as visual


Language as poetry


Language as film






One and three


One category and three examples


Three paintings, three photographs, three poems, three films in one, three collaborations etc.




The yang number


One of the numbers for purgation in Chinese medicine




The odd number


Christ and his twelve disciples, one of them is Judas


A collaboration with Korean Artist Jung Ah Yoon and creation of a three part film about origins, language, isolation, and  love


Three abstract drawings ("a lane to the land of the dead")


Three drawings of faces ("and the soft idiot softly me")


Three edited photographs ("when there is no desire")


Three poems spilled in the mother tongue


Three poems translated


Three poems distilled by the voice of the writer


An audio collaboration with Preeti Vasudevan and Tanja Tuurala

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