The Mestizo Crossings Network 

The Mestizo Crossings Network is a rhythm and movement initiative that supports, expands, and reiterates the historic routes that have defined the economic and power structures of the world (Europe-America, Europe-Africa, Africa-America, Latin America-USA etc).  We propose an insistent transit of these routes as a mechanism to redefine them, and to open up space to imagine new options and possibilities to understand our mestizo reality and identity. The reiterative trips would establish new connections that would evolve into a support network that would serve others. The crossings could be real, virtual, imaginary and can take the shape of artistic collaborations, educational experiences, exploratory trips or any other modality of journey that facilitates a link with another part of the world.  So far, the project has focused on the Africa-America-Africa route, but we are open to other itineraries.

The goal of these re-encounters between worlds is to contribute to debilitate and ultimately demolish the set of beliefs behind the European colonial enterprise that continues to condition us, and to solidify and spread a new ruling rationality that includes the perspectives, realities, and dreams of the people from diverse races and cultures.