You Walk.....

The project takes as inspiration the lyrics from Lauri Anderson’s song  “You walk...and you don't always notice it, but you're constantly falling. With every fall…” to explore hidden blocks that continue to hamper the road towards inclusivity and diversity.  It is an exploration of visibility and invisibility;  diverse bodies are becoming visible to society’s eyes yet invisible to its infrastructure, “when dancers do not see ‘themselves’ represented in the wider dance infrastructure they are subsequently left questioning if they ‘belong’ there” Marsh (2016).


The project addresses Demy’s commitment to questioning hidden normative structures in contemporary choreography.  She is interested in pursuing action that dismantles attitudes  that invisibly work against inclusive and diverse dance practice.  ‘You walk…”  turns to the access and inhabitation of space of the dancer with diverse abilities.  The project asks: how do we actively construct a space for diverse bodies to be made present and visible, with agency and participation in the creation of our contemporary society?  

The project was first shared via livestream in June 2021 as part of the Tethered Entanglements series curated by Amanda K White.   It is now be part of the Q(a)R(t) exhibition touring throughout 2022.