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Explorations on ‘Authenticity’


This collaboration between Demy Papathanasiou and Ivana Ostrowski will explore the theme of ‘visibility/invisibility’ with regards to authenticity in this current world. How do we appear to the world, how do we choose to appear to the world and to ourselves? What constitutes authenticity in art and living? Can we dare or even afford this conversation in a world of deadlines, unemployment, death, health crises, pandemic, climate change?

And then… there is Ophiuchus… the lost/hidden constellation… Can the adoption of the perspective of the constellation of the healer provide a starting ground for synthesis, healing and integration?

Fortnightly discussions will form the starting point of artistic exploration incorporating movement, media, performance, text, poetry and research. The artists will work individually and together and also open the possibility for further collaborators to join the process to create a rich, interwoven tapestry of the multiple layers of the exploration of authenticity.

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