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Dogma XIII

Rehearsal for the day I die

Dogma XIII: Rehearsal for the day I die, looks to share an open manifesto, an instructive score for performance and/ or a staged temporal walkabout. Inspired by Lars Von Trier’s Dogme 95, my intention with this Dogma XIII is to delve performatively into the constant oscillation between these two basic pulsations in human experience: Life and Death. In this instance Death is the lens through which we will create a poetic surreal and sensitive imaginarium, as a rehearsal from the unique point of view from which Death can be observed, and that is Life.  The project aims, through these rehearsals situated in a scenic platform, device or space to arrive at an infinite spectrum of the possibilities to experience and redefine life.

La Plata

The score will be offered openly though the site, it is created as a manifesto that is defined by a series of agreements or guidelines for you to create your own performative rehearsal, whether on your own or with others and through this join the global project. Facing a methodology of death, we tests its means, we get close to the edge, we dance from this place, we move within this site, it is movement towards rebirth through which we redefine ourselves as humans, and as a community, diving into this experience, sensing the limits to see where we will arrive. Together.

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