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Migrar-é-trece derived from an earlier choreographic series called Migrar-é. The work explored migration as a dynamic of the body in a multidisciplinary setting, acknowledging the unique ability of this migratory body to react to new spaces and experiences amidst a never-ending connection to the body’s historical traces. After three iterations of Migrar-é moving from dance to performance art installation and later embodied presentation of a scholarly paper, the series is taken into a global scale through the collaborative project of Event Horizons by Ana Sanchez-Colberg. The score is exposed to the many implications of 13 individual artists/collaborators at 13 distinct spaces, facilitating the perception of the score as a parallel migratory body carrying inevitable connections to the original series but adapting in accordance with the individual contributions of these 13 collaborations. Lastly, the documentation of the individual events completes the relationship that originated by the first three iterations of Migrar-é in its inception series. What was done through one body across distinct spaces, is now presented through the dialogue of 13 artists in 13 distinct spaces in relationship with their individual historical traces along with the traces of the migratory body embedded on the score of Migrar-é-Trece. Now the many dualities and complexities of this evolutive concept of the migratory identity are expanded and understood through an interconnective network created by the artists, the spaces, and the score.

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