Rubber Girl

Rubber Girl is a short solo under construction, drawn from the signature moves of thirteen cabaret dancers from Indian cinema since the 1950s to the present day with the view to draw out how the male gaze has shaped the female body over a period of time, especially in popular culture.

The goal is to isolate these signature moves and reconstruct a new narrative for the body - mine, yours, ours, gendered, ungendered, real, virtual. In doing so it questions the idea of seduction and proposes instead to persuade with a strong sense of reclamation and multiple ownership through multiple possibilities in the mapping of the body’s anatomy.

The method of isolating the moves follows a system of scores based on attitudes and mannerisms of the body that will be mapped like stop motion film. the project aims to create interactive scores that will generate new and constantly changing languages of the body. The outcome is foreseen as a possible new interactive performance based on the solo, as well as an interface that can be used by viewers to experiment with the scores themselves in new and different ways, embodying the gaze from new perspectives, thereby extending the potential of its aesthetics and politics. 


Project supported by CHARCOAL platform for collaboration.