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 A Journal of Compounded Identities Through  A Conversation with Objects

A Collaboration with Amy Lewis

I am exchanging scores remotely with dancer Amy Lewis.  The scores will conclude with two short video works.  The score is centred around travelling ups and down a staircase activating a score from a list of words to devise the movement material.

Amy's score

Three (front)

Blow (right diagonal)

Drain (back)

Dwindle (right side)

Vanish (front)

Question (front)

Rapt (right diagonal)

Heart (left diagonal)

Crown (front)

Letter (front)

Fear (left side)

Illness (right diagonal)


Preethi's score

Mirror (the world in inverse)

Coffee Filter (aroma)

Desk bell (alert)

Puppet (disjointed, awkward)

Walking stick/seat (between standing and sitting)

Night gown with smocking (modesty)

Book (chapters)

LP Player (memory)

Box (close/contain)

Brooch (display)

Ring (tied/bonded)

Music notation (blueprint of pleasure)

Title of honour (ceremony)


The Video 'And indeed there will be time' is part of the Q(a)R(t) exhibition

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