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The Crossings

In 2019, Damaris began creating a work called La Greda, for which she designed a large skirt of over 50 yards of fabric, that would have seven waist bands, for seven movers to step into. The initial physical process began with a group of seven students from the Broward College dance program quickly revealing its importance as students struggled with stillness, awareness, listening, responding, generosity, surrender. Although the work was still in process, there was a plan to continue working with the students throughout the spring and summer; a plan that was suddenly halted by a world pandemic. As Damaris gathered her thoughts about how to proceed, it was evident that despite the instructions to the entire world to disconnect, separate, and remain apart, the skirts importance as a conductor for energies, a communication device, a connector and yes, a bridge, became more apparent than ever.

The Crossings is the next evolution during a time when we are unable to gather across borders.  

As part of this new evolution, the skirt will do all of the traveling, for 13 months, that we cannot do. It will link movers from all over by allowing each to inhabit the skirt previously activated by others for an improvised movement-happening; an act of trust as movers enter into and across without ever having any previous contact with neither the skirt nor the bridge.

The crossing of the bridges while connected to others is an act of, and for, humanity. 

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