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Our core vision is one that emphasises  the artistic and process led nature of the project in the shared conviction that any action towards the ‘post’ needs to consider the individual and collective knowledge of varying scales and diverse practices gained by arts practitioners  throughout these months.

Event/Horizons opens a different kind of space to nurture our practices by seeking alternative modes to connect the local and the global,  inviting communities to rethink the role of arts in the current challenges posed by an ongoing pandemic. Therefore,  the project aims to offer a space to build resilience for artists through the collaborative enterprise nature of the project. 

Event/Horizons bridges distance across artists and their communities to re-establish ‘contact’ as we navigate together the shifting landscape of arts productions within the context of the pandemic.  


Artists in twenty-four global sites will be working throughout thirteen months in multiple, parallel, cooperative and collaborative creation processes in two stages:  from October 2020 to November 2021 as a collaborative working, research group, and in November-December 2021, as a creative team developing the final exposition of the project

October 2020 and November 2021:  working group

The group has been working since October 2020 in mixed modes including  online platforms (meetings, chat rooms, gaming platforms), analog exchanges as well as ‘in person’ collaborations.

This strand is driven by the common question:  How do we forge a future together?  The emphasis here is on sharing practices through an open platform to evolve shared, discreet and comparative processes addressing particular local concerns in relation to global perspectives. The practices contributing to the project are not limited to stage-base works and include pedagogical practices, social intervention practices, practices that exist remote from the urban centre as well as practices of decolonisation in contexts other than the ‘global North’.

November-December 2021: Exposition

The project comes to an end between November 30 -December 18, 2021, the corresponding dates of the ‘13th month’ with a public exposition of the outcomes of the creative processes.

This is not seen as a festival,  the word ‘exposition’ is used specifically as defined by  Schwab and Borgdorff (2014)  “exposition – the ways of making the art present”.   

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